new walkmen is bad.

beirut is good, but i gotta see it live.

a few of the tracks on the new ache bike project comp are damn great.

sub pop's brazil shit, css, are dropping a lot of fun in the next few months.

isan are still underrated.

mind's eye was my ringtone for a week or so. yes, i like wolfmother.

drum's not dead grows.

lily allen is pretty annoying, huh?

i don't get art brut.

black heart procession still makes me cough tears.

candi stanton's voice melts me.

thanks for reminding me how bad anti-pop consortium really was, beans.

no, mike powell, i can't make myself like belle & sebastian.

bonde do role should piss me off but they don't. alice in chains. come on.

booka shade is sex.

there are two demos from the upcoming brand new record that i think are pretty fantastic.

i'd rather listen to "the plan" for an hour than listen to the whole of you in reverse. oops.

what's the big fuss over cold war kids?

the bpb song on the new current 93 spooks the fuck out of me.

ships needs a bit more focus.

know what? fuck destroyer.

can't ban the snowman.

'member the durutti column? yeah, me too.

volcano is a COOOOOOL fucking band.


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