mission statement album titles

i have a question.

listening to this new facedowninshit album, nothing positive only negative, has got me wondering what other record titles serve as mission statements. npon is fucking harsh and angry and totally negative. where is "only positive nothing negative?" i know there's a "whimsical freakout" or a "coarse and cold" out there, but where is it, who is it by, and what is it really called?

tv time

human television is a decent band with good songs. kind of mbv-ish without the shoegazing. all shimmer and jangle. so it was a shame to watch them play to an empty club last night. they looked pist. after 25 minutes they called it a night.

mp3: in front of the house

one quick line:

speaking of television, here's a bit of glass -half -empty criticism: what a bum dog about the last two thirds of the tv on the radio album, huh?!? booooo-ring.



remember "1 thing" by amerie? i like that new christina aguilera song for a few of the same reasons. premo borrows a bit from the rich harrison school of getting right and horning it up. more later.


101 crimes of fashion

in judging from the 20-second snippet mtv airs after shows like fresh meat, there is nothing that seperates the new dashboard confessional from lifehouse except carraaababbaa's corn ball nose-voice.

is it bad that i now formulate opinions based on those 20-second snippets? i was convinced the new nick lachey album would be good because of the bit they played. that and the divorce.

speaking of divorces:

it's hard to argue with
the young widows. breather resist guys without the old singer. think louisville. think chicago. think jesus lizard. think june of 44. but really think level plane.

"the charmers"

what i'm planning on digesting (what for i can write about it) in the next few days:

excepter - alternation
fog - loss leader
balun - something comes out way
anathallo - floating world
cairo gang - cairo gang
dan deacon - acorn master
the knife - silent shout
pit er pat - pyramios

tell me what you think of one/some/all of those albums.


howlin rain + warmer milks

saw howlin rain last night. verdict: way, way underwhelming.

looked like
dazed and confused on stage, miller wearing a janis joplin tee, everyone with a big ol' beard. the problem was sort of simple, i think. the record on birdman is great. think allman bros, think dead, think ccr: swampy, semi-generic roadtrippin alcohol rock. but there's some decent dynamics and some good songs. live, miller (a man, not to be confused with sia michel, a woman) just blistered through everything. too many solos. too much comets on fire guitar fireworks, and not enough give.

even so, here's an mp3:
roll on the rusted days

warmer milks, on the other hand, was fucking impressive! they've opened for bpb and low and a bunch of great bands, but with the exception of blastitude nobody really loves on it. the sound just bowled me over. so much reverb. all over. big roomy (stephen morris) drumming and michael turner's hall'd voice. sometimes it was a punishing mess. the last song was a n ugly(in a good way) 14 minute jam. by the end, turner was splayed out on the ground with the mic down his throat, shrieking, squelching. these were totally perfect jam noise guys. bandanas, sandals, solid state amps, shitty effects pedals, dreaklocks, and cacophony. wrote the show up in the indy and said that warmer milks sounded like "swans via sam ash."

i think that's pretty accurate.

penetration initials


beirut + lines

So I started writing for the NYP, yall. Stereogum linked to my first story -- the one bout Zach Condon and Beirut. Here's hoping the world don't get pist that I mentioned the blog attention his band has been getting. I think this mainstream crits vs. bloggers thing is totally silly. Sia was bitter that her (can you fault me) magazine died, and she's (for being totally ignorant) prolly bummed about the upcoming cover, too. I will say this, tho, The Loon isn't a great record, and Tapes were pretty boring when I saw them that one time at the Fader Tent in Austin. But I digress.

Here are some fresh lines:

remember idm? remember its sense of humor (re: itself)? hipster dance music needs that sense of humor, i think.

really, tho, justice's "waters of nazareth" is better HDM than mstrkrft is capable of. the looks is samey, santino rice runway fodder. innovate my ass.

yesterday i talked to my favorite brazilian, lovefoxxx of css, a band that makes much more sense now. i loved on 'em in xlr8r. you'll see.

if i don't listen to forward russia soon, objectivity is out of the question.

fucking, how do you talk to ihsahn of empereor? hey man will not suffice. i need help.

my girlfriend hates promiscuous girl because of that cell phone commercial where everyone dances like total losers. i sort of like it.

the paris hilton single isn't garbage. no, really!

"bossy" is a frontrunner for best song of 2006. the bitch yall love to hate! read that interview in the nylon music issue. this girl means it.

"te quiero puta!" - 1; "du hast" - 0

e.s.g. is a sad piece. huston lapped that motherfucker, and he's dissing slim thug on the new record.

scissorfight simultaneously sounds like RAW-K, and something my uncle labored over down at the storage unit he splits with the other 40-year-old losers in his band. but that’s sort of the point, isn't it?

grimm's triple album is gonna be good. there's a 50-ref track!

see if dronevil gets as much attention as pink. money on no.

all of diggy's friends were white. weird.

yellow house is just as good as i'd hoped.