a godiva chocolate bar encrusted in gold

must say i'm quite fond of this new grizzly bear album.

if history even remembers the shamefully journo-concocted Free Folk Explosion of the Early 2000’s, my money's on grizzly bear going down as its most artful act. those animal collective boys might be anthologized as the fearlessly artistic forerunners, swinging from vines in the jungle and playing broken guitar pedals, but ed droste’s songs have this unmistakable grace, a kind of class and refinement to temper their wandering experimentation. i'm pretty in love. and ed is proud:

ed on yellow house as compared to horn of plenty--
"god, horn of plenty is like a pack of chicklets, and yellow house is a GODIVA CHOCOLATE BAR ENCRUSTED IN GOLD. not to sound arrogant, but I feel 100 percent confident and psyched about the album. horn of plenty was sort of weird and personal and unfinished to me so i didn't really know how i felt about it, but now with yellow house, i know when and if we get a shitty review, i'll just say "well they are dumb because it's a great record" i know that much at least. at least i wont get too depressed about negative press, you know?"

ed on brooklyn and the "scene"--
"i think it's funny and mostly a sentiment echoed by journalists in europe who think everyone all gets beers together at the "freak folk cafe" on bedford. ultimately it's ridiculous. i don't really even know any of those artists personally speaking, although i'd like to meet a lot of them. also i don't have long hair. maybe i should grow it out? i'm not really sure. i mean personally speaking i like how many bands there are in NYC. i don't see it as "fuck it's impossible to make it here, so much competition!" but rather, "wow there's a lot of great music and people around, I better not put out shit." it's inspiring and a motivator as well. as for community, i think there are some circles of famous people in the music world that are friends. i think my invite is still lost in the mail though. once I get it I'll let you know."

ed on leaving a small operation and signing with warp--
"i don't miss small scale operations at all because it's really hard to get shit done. i am very thankful to kanine for the opportunity they provided us, but there is something to be said for being able to find your cd in a store and have proper promotion behind it. the story of warp goes like this -- we thought we were destined to go nowhere. had no label interest, but we decided to record yellow house anyway because we wanted to make a new album. then once we had what was about 80 percent of it done, we sent it out to a few people and suddenly we had all this great label interest. it was overwhelming really and totally was a "when it rains it pours." warp wasn't technically the "biggest" label that put an offer out, but they were always the ones from the get go that we loved the most. funnily enough, they came to us before we even sent anything to them, which was cool. it all just worked out so nicely. coudln't be happier with them as people and a label."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what interview is this?

ps. love the album too

2:01 PM  
Blogger robbie said...

an interview i did with ed for impose.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Bryan [Diversions] said...

I really like Horn of Plenty a whole lot better than Yellow House.

Maybe it's just me.

I'm gonna link your blog.

Diversions: The Daily Tar Heel

10:46 AM  

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